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Whether we realise it or not, plumbing valves play an important and often overlooked role in your home. In actuality, the water that flows through your shower has much more to do with the parts you can’t see, like the valves, than the shower head itself. Their main function is to control the flow of water, and are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted to regulate water pressure or shut it down completely.

An ineffective valve can cause devastating problems for your plumbing system, greatly reducing the quality of your bathroom fixtures and ultimately affecting your satisfaction with the room you’ve worked so hard to transform into a comforting oasis. This is why it’s crucial to make the right choice when it comes to choosing bathroom valves.

When shower valves are working properly, they allow water in at the correct rate so that hot water can be delivered faster. We all know how it feels to stand shivering in your bathroom for what feels like an eternity while your shower spits out ice-cold water at 6 a.m., and it isn’t pleasant. And beyond pleasantries, leaving your shower running while you wait for the salvation of hot water will only land you with a larger hydro bill and a less eco-conscious home. That, mixed with varying water pressure while in the shower can make for a very miserable experience.

In order to enjoy a consistent, comfortable, and safe shower, a thermostatic valve is the best option for your renovation. Aquabrass’ collection of thermostatic valves are designed to deliver the exact water temperature and pressure you desire instantly, by adjusting the mixture of hot and cold water in order to maintain the temperature.

Aquabrass’s TURBO thermostatic valves also prevent any sudden and unpleasant bursts of water at any end of the temperature range – commonly referred to as “shower shock” — making the fixture not only a great choice for your home, but a safer choice as well. The temperature safety stop ensures that the temperature of your shower water never exceeds the temperature selected, leaving you and your family with peace of mind and no surprises!

Shower valves are an integral part of your bathroom renovation, and one of many components that can help your plumbing run efficiently while improving the quality of your bathroom experience. Choosing the right valve for your lifestyle is crucial to ensuring satisfaction for both you and your family, while keeping your bathroom as eco-friendly as possible.

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