May 20, 2020 May 20, 2020

Home Improvement Influencers
to Look Out for in 2020

2020-05-27T14:20:10-04:00May 20th, 2020|

Over the past decade, home improvement projects have surged in popularity thanks to social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Now that we’re spending more time in our homes than ever before, renovations have been ramping up and Canadians have been looking for inspiration left Keep Reading

May 20, 2020 May 20, 2020

How to Prepare for a
Bathroom Remodeling

2020-05-27T14:11:42-04:00May 20th, 2020|

To usher in a new era for your personal spa and oasis means everything from the tile design and layout to selecting fixtures, to the lighting has to be carefully considered. And while we all love looking at inspiration photos online, when it comes to Keep Reading

March 19, 2020 March 19, 2020

Featured Thermostatic
Shower Systems

2020-05-27T14:04:53-04:00March 19th, 2020|

A shower is an ultimate escape for a little “me” time. The perfect opportunity to relax, reflect and wash away the worries of the day, uninterrupted. The ideal shower is meant to provide a serene and soothing spa-like experience and at TUBS we carry some of Keep Reading

March 18, 2020 March 18, 2020

Find Your
Favourite Faucet

2020-05-27T14:00:30-04:00March 18th, 2020|

Choosing a bathroom faucet can be tricky. Whether a full remodel, or simply a replacement, the choices of style, material and finishes can be overwhelming. We know whichever faucet you choose, you’re going to want it to last a long time. Lucky for you, you’ve come Keep Reading