Aquadesign Inc. is a leading importer and national distributor of decorative plumbing products for the Canadian Market headquartered in the beautiful city of Vaughan, Ontario.

Aquadesign brings superior design and quality to create products sourced in Italy, Spain, USA and Canada with excellent value. They are the proud exclusive distributor of distinguished premium brands such as DISEGNO™, Zucchetti, KOS, Maier,  Sonia and it’s own line of DISEGNO™ Steam units.

The beauty of Aquadesign’s collections lie in their optimization of form and technology, through a variety of materials, sizes, finishes, fixtures and accessories. Their full collections of bathroom and kitchen products embody a Distinct, Precise, Bold design that dealers, builders and architects alike all desire for their home renovation projects.

Aquadesign carries a range of products that echo the brand’s sleek, naturalistic designs, like the Zucchetti collection. The Zucchetti collection is a range of luxury faucets that mirror Aquadesign’s organic shapes. Contrasting the Zucchetti collection, is the Carimali collection – a series of contemporary, angular faucets that are the perfect fit for a more modern home.

Aquadesign’s commitment to distinct, bold designs is evident in their range of collections with pieces to fit any unique style.

Experience Aquadesign’s collections in-person at any of our TUBS or t2h Experience Centres. Our t2h Vaughan Experience Centre is home to the largest Aquadesign boutique in the country. Our dedicated Brand Ambassadors will guide you through our selection of Aquadesign products, so you can envision their designs in your home. To learn more about Aquadesign, visit our website