House of Rohl is a proud pursuer of luxury, fine craftsmanship, and distinctive design. House of Rohl has raised the standard for world-inspired, premium bath fixtures and products with their five brands: Riobel, Perrin & Rowe, Shaws, Victoria & Albert, and Rohl. The company and their subsequent brands offer a wide range of fixtures that combine functionality, quality, and fine design to create innovative, unique, and luxurious products. 

The designers  at House of Rohl are truly masters of their craft,  who pay tribute to time-honoured practices and design principles. Their products reflect tangible mementos of passion, dedication, artistry, and heritage through the ages. The intricate details of House of Rohl’s fixtures are impactful—within them are stories passed down through generations, cumulated for a newfound appreciation of luxury design. 

House of Rohl is made for the fine-art seeker, the believer in leading-edge design, and those with a deep affinity for hand-crafted, one of a kind pieces. Their audience is authentic, organic, and detail-oriented, allowing House of Rohl and their brands to fine-tune their products to their customer’s needs.

In anticipation of their customer’s evolving desires for a tangible, in-store shopping experience, House of Rohl partnered with TUBS: The Ultimate Bath Store to create a one-of-a-kind relationship. Since then, TUBS and House of Rohl have been working collaboratively to create a cohesive experience for their clients and are a proud carrier of Riobel, Perrin & Rowe, Shaws, Victoria & Albert, and Rohl. The House of Rohl boutique is an immersive, comprehensive and integral part of TUBS that perfectly encapsulates the brands’ carefully curated design. 

Featured Product

Riobel’s Ode Collection combines sleek lines and rounded edges with their Riobel Ode Floor-Mount Tub Filler, made to add depth to your space while withstanding the test of time and trends. 

Come visit us in-store, where our dedicated Brand Ambassadors are available to guide you through our full selection of House of Rohl products to ensure you can explore the endless opportunities to bring premium design into your bathroom.