If you’re looking to optimize your home, why not start with the element that you use the most? Upgrading your kitchen sink to a more efficient, comfortable, high-quality model not only makes sense for the functionality of your space but for the quality of your life. We’ve broken down which kitchen sink you need based on your prime concerns – no matter how seemingly random.

1: Upgrade for Better Back Support

Between sitting at a desk working all day and scrolling, chin down, on your phone, you probably have back issues (don’t we all). While standing and doing the dishes can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be. Farmhouse style sinks reduce the distance between the sink and the counter edge, alleviating the strain on your back that comes from reaching to do the dishes. With a farmhouse style sink, your back is better supported because you don’t have to stretch and shift uncomfortably to scrub that pesky pan. House of Rohl’s Classic Waterside Single Bowl Bowed Farmhouse Apron Front Fireclay Kitchen Sink is an ideal model for back support, so you can get the dishes done with ease. 

2: Streamline for Efficiency

Look, we’re all already on the edge of ordering takeout every night after a long workday. Why make prepping and cleaning harder on yourself by having a million elements scattered around your kitchen and workspace? A strainer here, a cutting board there. In order to streamline your pre and post dinner experience, swap out your current sink for a workstation model. With Franke’s double bowl Culinary Center Kitchen Sink Workstation, the essentials are built right in. From a walnut cutting board to a colander to a dish drying rack, this stainless steel, minimalist sink not only works efficiently, it looks good, too. 

3: Maximize Your Space

There’s nothing worse than cleaning up after dinner only to realize that everyone’s dishes, the lasagna tray and the big pasta pot won’t all fit in the sink to soak overnight. By upgrading to a double bowl model, you can guarantee that everything will fit in, ideal for nights when you just want to leave the dishes for the morning. Delta’s Workstation Drop-In Top Mount Double Bowl 16 Guage Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with WorkFlow Ledge is a perfect solution for making the most of your space. Plus, it looks restaurant-kitchen-sink worthy (and let’s be real, cooking for your family means that you’re a head chef in your own right).

4: Keep it Clean

Now more than ever we are concerned about germs and want to make sure that our spaces are as sanitary as possible – especially the kitchen. Choosing a kitchen sink with an antimicrobial finish means that you can rest easy knowing that one of the grimiest areas of the home is guaranteed to be as germ-free as it can be. Consider Franke’s Maris Granite Champagne Kitchen Sink – granite is both aesthetically pleasing and durable while preventing bacterial growth. It’s truly the best of both worlds. 

5: Optimize Your Drainage

Water clogging is the worst and it’s so unnecessary. Delta offers a range of sink designs and options that optimize drainage, like the 33” Drop-In Undermount Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink. The sink’s sloped bottom with channel groves improves drainage by guiding water flow down the drain. A smooth dish-washing process has never been easier. 

Whether you’re looking to optimise your space or add a few key pieces to streamline your home, t2h offers an extensive selection of high-quality products. To explore the range of options that t2h can provide for your home’s upgrade, visit us in-store at our Vaughan or Etobicoke locations to speak with a Brand Ambassador or book a virtual consultation on TUBS 360