A master bathroom should be more than just a place for you to shower and brush your teeth in the morning. It should be an enjoyable and appealing space to begin and end your days while continuing to offer practicality. At TUBS, our premier partners have made it easier than ever to preserve functionality while guaranteeing a beautiful, sleek look. Try incorporating a few of these essential tips to ensure that your master bathroom is an oasis of luxury.

1. Neutral Floor TIles

Upgrading to bright, neutral floor tiles will help immediately make your bathroom feel more modern. While dark beige flooring might’ve been a popular choice a few years back, light and bright is in now and it’s neutrality will ensure it doesn’t go out of style anytime soon. As well, modern innovation in bathroom tiles have ensured that they are safer and less slippery, as well as humidity, mold, and stain resistant. TUBS offers a large selection of beautiful bathroom tiles, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of options. Consentino Dekton Tiles are a great choice for those who are prone to falling, like younger children, due to their innovative grip technology.

2. Integrated Lighting

Integrated lighting won’t only help your bathroom look nicer, it’ll also help you get ready in tricky lighting, like late or night or early mornings. Fleurco’s Sunrize mirror is equipped with energy-efficient LED technology with warm white light which is optimized for applying makeup and shaving. You’ll also never have to worry about waiting for shower steam to dissipate again, as their mirrors include a handy defogging pad. Our TUBS brand ambassadors can help you decide which mirror functions are best suited to your needs, online at TUBS 360 or in-person at one of our locations across the GTA.

At TUBS, we know you spend a lot of time in your bathroom and want it to feel like a place you can relax. We’re always available online at TUBS 360 to help you choose the best finishes for your next renovation. Book a complimentary consultation with us today and get started on turning your master bathroom into the luxury space it should be.