Our environment is a reflection of our personality and picking a paint colour for your bathroom comes down to how you want it to make you feel. Your bathroom should be a haven of self-care, somewhere you can go to feel calm and comfortable in your own private space. If this seems like a big decision to make, we’re here to help! Our TUBS designers have compiled a list of the paint colours proven to make your bathroom feel as luxurious and relaxing as possible.

We are proud to call Farrow & Ball one of our Premier Partners. Their products are made from quality ingredients designed to keep your home looking fresh and vibrant for years to come. Even the Buckingham Palace is adorned in Farrow & Ball paint!

Bathroom Paint Colour #1: White

White may seem like an easy choice – after all, it’s just white, right? In reality, there are thousands of shades of white, all with subtle notes of other colours mixed in. While you may be choosing a white paint, warmer shades will lean more toward yellow while cooler shades will lean toward blue. This is important to consider when choosing your white as the notes will affect the ambiance of the room and compliment your fixtures and finishings.

Wimborne White: If you want your bathroom to feel bright and exciting but still have a calming effect, go for a white mixed with yellow. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness but isn’t too bright, making your bathroom the perfect place to step into on gloomy mornings. You’ll feel energized for the day but not too overwhelmed at night while trying to wind down for bed.

All White: If you’re looking for a classic, pure white, this is the paint colour for you. All White by Farrow and Ball contains no other pigments, making it the brightest, lightest and most neutral choice for your bathroom. Although it may not contain the exciting effects of yellow or the soothing effects of blue, white is still a great choice as its bright pigment will make your bathroom feel more spacious. It’s also a versatile choice that will mix wonderfully with any fixture and finish, allowing you to branch out into more eclectic choices, like a colourful faucet.

Bathroom Paint Colour #2: Blue

Blue is a great choice for a bathroom not only for its calming effects but for its flexibility. Blue comes in so many options that it’s an impossible colour to dislike. Its shade range is incredibly robust and no two tones are exactly alike. In terms of its soothing abilities, blue is known to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration – the perfect trinity for a luxurious bathroom.

Pigeon: If blue is not something that comes to mind when thinking of your favourite colours, try a grey-blue, amuted down and neutral version of blue. Pigeon is a soft blue that’s neutral but without the harsh, cool undertones of a plain grey. As a result, it will pair well with white fixtures, making them stand out in your space. If you’re looking to make a beautiful, clawfoot standing bathtub the centre point of your bathroom, opt for a colour like this.

Stiffkey Blue: Stiffkey Blue has a vintage feel without being tacky. Its relaxed pigment pairs very well with almost all other colours but goes especially well with marble or gold finishes, allowing them to shine through. It’s dark without being overbearing, which will add a calm feeling to your space – a great way to both begin and end your day.

Bathroom Paint Colour #3: Yellow

Yellow may seem like the most cheerful choice, and whether bright and vibrant, or a muted beige, yellow paint offers many happiness-inducing benefits. This makes it a great choice for someone who prefers an innocuous colour that isn’t bland. Its undertones will bring warmth to the space while complimenting any additional warm finishes, like a brushed gold faucet or a natural stone floor.

India Yellow: For a small bathroom or powder room, India Yellow makes a beautiful wall paint. Its deep, rich pigment isn’t overwhelming or overly exciting, yet it still evokes feelings of happiness. Although it may be too strong a colour for an entire large bathroom, you could still incorporate this shade in an accent wall to bring out warm tones.

Farrow’s Cream: This is the perfect neutral, but not bland, beige. Farrow’s Cream pairs wonderfully with deep tones like rusty red or a muted green, adding a lot of warmth and rustic feel to a bathroom without making the space feel gloomy. If you’re hesitant to use a colourful paint but still want the benefits of a yellow, this is the colour for you.

Choosing the colour of your space is an opportunity to add your own personal touch to your space.. If you still aren’t quite sure and need a helping hand from a professional, visit TUBS 360 to connect with one of our dedicated brand ambassadors or designers by booking a 360 Complimentary Design Experience. We’ll make sure to find you a paint colour that does exactly what you need!