Tile is usually the last thing we think about when doing a bathroom renovation. Typically, we’re focused on the big ticket items: a beautiful, free-standing bathtub, a matte black rain shower, or a mirror that provides the perfect lighting with a touch of a button. While these furnishings are beyond important to completing your bathroom renovation, the tiles you choose will make or break the look. The perfect backsplash is the key ingredient to taking your bathroom selfie to the next level, the right brick tile will add a sophisticated finish to your shower, and a clean, modern floor tile will help your bathtub stand out!

At TUBS, we have hundreds of tiles to choose from. Whether you’re looking to keep it simple with a white subway tile or want something a little more unique like black marble, we’ve got you covered! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best tiles for your bathroom style. Keep reading to learn more!

Shower Tiles

For your shower, you want a tile that will compliment your showerhead fixture as well as your shower door or opening.

For a neutral look that will allow your shower head to shine through as the focal point, choose a simple brick tile in white, such as the Manhattan Brick-Effect Tiles from Fap Ceramiche. They come in a variety of neutral colours, so if white is a bit too light for you, opt for pearl or beige. To complement your finishings with a pop of colour while keeping the space simple, opt for a bold colour, like jeans.

For a modern look, opt for large, marble tiles. Marble lends some texture to the space through way of it’s random patterns, while also keeping it simple through its neutral colours. Marble has also come to personify the height of luxury in bathrooms, so it’s impossible to go wrong! For a classic marble, choose the Canova collection from Ceramica Rondine in the Arabescato finish.

For a unique take on a classic, go for black marble. The dark finish will lend a striking beauty to your shower, allowing it to stand out. Pair the marble with gold accents, like this shower head, to really let it shine through as the focal point of your bathroom. The Emperador Lappato finish from Ceramica Rondine is sure to get the job done.

Floor Tiles

Flooring is a huge part of your bathroom, as it (quite literally) lays the stepping stones for the rest of your renovation. You’ll want to choose tiles that are large, easy to clean, and have a shiny finish. You can opt for simple, neutral colours and shapes, or go bold with patterns and colours.

For a minimalist finish, the Dekton Sasea tiles from Consentino are the perfect choice. They come in large sizes and a beige finish that contrast beautifully with black accents, such as faucets, shower heads, and door accents.

If you want a neutral, modern patterned tile but aren’t interested in marble, opt for the Lasa tile from Ceramica Rondine. The tile is a beautiful off-white colour with brown and grey accents. The warmth of the background colour combined with the contrast of the accent colours will give your space a classic, sophisticated feel.

For a super bold and bright finish, the Danxia Tile from Tau Ceramica is sure to deliver. The glossy red will stand out, making way for more neutral choices in terms of finishes.

Wall Tiles

Backsplash is a great place to play around with texture, patterns, shapes, and colours. A neutral bathroom will pair amazingly with a playful backsplash, allowing it to become the focal point of the bathroom. For a super striking backsplash, opt to make it an accent wall. For a more subdued tile, cover all available walls in it.

Tau Ceramica has a great collection of distinct, eye-catching backsplashes for any style. If you want to keep the colours neutral but still make a statement, go for the Cosmic Tile in black. To make your bathroom look like a work of art, choose the Explosion Tile in blue. For a puzzle-like, black and white finish, opt for the Joia Tile, but choose a mix of their colours to create a pattern. For a modern, industrial-like finish, use the Metal Tile in silver or steel.

Tiles are an important choice that can really help bring out your personality and give your bathroom character. You can mix and match by using a different tile on each wall, or choose to keep your tiles neutral and allow your fixtures to shine through. At TUBS, the choices are endless and there’s no wrong option. Visit our 360 Virtual Discovery Showroom to check out more choices, gather inspiration, and book a complimentary design experience where we can help bring your renovation goals into focus. Happy discovering!