No two snowflakes are the same and this theory also applies to you and your decor choice. Each personality and style is unique and our bathrooms should reflect that! After all, as they say “you are, where you bathe!” That’s a saying, right?! While modern bathrooms with simple, clean lines are trendy right now, having a unique bathroom that perfectly suits your personality will stay in style forever. So without further adieu, we present you with a few funky bathroom picks for every personality.

The Boréale Collection from Vanico Maronyx

When picking a vanity, you’ll want to go with something with a unique shape and texture. Veer away from plain white or black, marble, and quartz vanities with a drawer system underneath. Instead, choose something like the Terra Salvaged Ash vanity with the Black Slate countertop from Vanico Maronyx. Inspired by the “boréale”, which is the French word for “the north”, the collection draws inspiration from the expansive, green forests found in Northern Quebec. While this style may be gaining popularity in home decor, it will be sure to give a unique spin to your bathroom renovation!

The Sheer Collection from Fap Ceramiche

Often, tiles are the last thing we think of when trying to give a bathroom a unique spin, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. While many people only use tiles as a shower backsplash or flooring, they can offer a splash of colour if used to create an accent wall. The Sheer Collection from Fap Ceramiche offers a variety of tiles in fun, unique prints and textures that will make your bathroom stand out from the rest. Opt for a style like Deco Rust as a backdrop for your mirror and vanity and take your bathroom selfies to the next level!

The Seven Series by Rubinet

To make a bathroom unique, you don’t need much. One or two funky fixtures in a colour you love is sure to set your bathroom apart from the rest. Right now, matte black, chrome, and brushed gold faucets are trending, so stay away from those styles and choose a vibrant, fresh colour. The Seven Series by Rubinet is completely customizable, giving you the option to pick a colour that resonates with you. For a really unique spin, check out the 1GRS Faucet in Purple Haze. To take it to the next level, pick an equally funky accent colour, like aqua. And voila! Your bathroom is already unique to you!

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