Named after an ancient Greek goddess, Brizo® crafts luxury faucet collections for the kitchen and bathroom, merging modern design with timeless quality. Distributed by Masco Canada, which has housed a collection of innovative brands for over 100 years, Brizo is an innovative leader in the realm of design. This has never been more evident than with their Frank Lloyd Wright® Bath Collection by Brizo. Frank Lloyd Wright was an esteemed 19th and 20th century American architect – his work exemplified his belief that architecture should flow in harmony with the natural environment, not against it.

Developed and designed in partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo honours his visionary concept of organic architecture, and his dedication to incorporating elements of the natural world into his designs. 

Wright’s legacy cantilever designs (architecture that is married with engineering) provided ample inspiration for the collection. Cantilevers create space for architecture to exist in alignment with the natural world, representing Wright’s concept of organic architecture.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection was designed with the six principles of organic architecture in mind, through both function and aesthetic. The principles are as follows: alignment with the natural world, simplicity of design, individuality through variation, an earth-toned colour palette, substance in the details, and integrity in quality. An in-depth conversation, breaking down each of Wright’s principles as they relate to the collection, is available here. The collection’s connection, to both Wright and nature, is all in the details. 


Take the Widespread Lavatory Faucet, with its wooden finish and clean lines reminiscent of a clear running forest stream. The faucet’s thoughtful design ensures that there is no excess bulk in sight. With TUBS 360, you can browse Masco’s products from the comfort of your home. 

Brizo’s renowned technological innovation, inspired by Wright’s harmonious vision, produced a truly innovative collection of evergreen designs. You can learn more about the collection by touring it virtually, at your leisure. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom with unique, luxury pieces, the Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo offers a compelling range of options that will elevate your home. To learn more about how to incorporate the collection into your space, book a free one hour consultation with a TUBS brand ambassador via Zoom today.