Rubi by Soligo has made a name for itself among the industry’s top interior designers with their avant-garde yet elegant designs. Rubi products are not only visually impactful — they are engineered to the highest standards of quality to match their appearance. Investing in Rubi products pays for itself over the long term with their unmatched quality and timeless designs that are built to last. 

Their efficient and reliable fixtures are developed in Quebec, crafted by artisans, and made to withstand the test of time. While faucets and fixtures may seem like minor details in your bathroom’s overall appearance, their unique shapes, curves, and colours have the potential to elevate your entire aesthetic. Rubi’s products are made to preserve the synergistic energy of your space while making a statement. 

The brand’s mission is to combine creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Their devoted team ensures the production and deployment of exclusive, perfected, and top-of-the-line products that continue to meet their customer’s ever-evolving needs in the bathroom renovation space. The strenuous effort of Rubi’s team led to the conception and realization of products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing – whether it be the faucets, shower sets, furniture sets, or sanitary ware.

Over the past years, Rubi and t2h have grown closer to forge a Premier Partnership that creates a retail experience that caters to their guests’ diverse needs. Rubi is a staple in all of our showrooms with their spacious boutiques, showcasing a wide range of products to satisfy any renovation need. Our loyal guests visit our Experience Centres specifically to see Rubi’s luxury faucets, showers, and washbasins to learn how they can fit perfectly into their next luxury renovation.

We welcome you to work with one of our dedicated Brand Ambassadors in-store or online by booking a free consultation to review how Rubi will enhance your next renovation.