We could all use something to anchor us this year, whether it’s a comfort tv show, a go-to recipe, or a new favourite colour. Luckily, Pantone annually lets us know what colour we should be drooling over – and in 2022, it’s Very Peri. Not quite blue, not quite purple, it’s a complimentary shade of periwinkle that would make lavender jealous. Having scoured Pinterest for Very Peri inspiration, you’re probably wondering how you can elevate your homespace with this perfect purple hue. Below, find out how you can incorporate Very Peri into your home, with t2h. 

From Farrow & Ball . . . 

If you’re looking to incorporate Very Peri into your home but you’re not sure where to start, look no further than Farrow & Ball. With their wide range of colours and shades, our Brand Ambassadors can schedule a meeting to map out your vision, determining how you can incorporate fresh colours into your space. Whether you’re looking to add statement pops of colour to your home, or to overhaul your interiors with a brand new colour palette, Farrow & Ball’s range has you covered. PS- Very Peri goes with everything, just saying. 

To House of Rohl 

Under the House of Rohl umbrella is a top-tier family of brands, ranging from Riobel to Victoria & Albert. So whether you’re looking to add Very Peri to your kitchen or bathroom, the House of Rohl network is guaranteed to provide exactly what you’re looking for. Victoria & Albert also provides a high-quality colour service, allowing you to match your dream colour with your dream product (so you don’t have to settle for a Very Peri accessory that you really don’t need). Consult one of our Brand Ambassadors today to see how we can help you customize your dream House of Rohl fixture in the colour of your choice. 

. . . And Rubinet 

If you’re detail oriented and looking to customise a particular accessory in your kitchen or bathroom, may we suggest browsing Rubinet’s selection? With a range of customizable products, like their 1ANL faucet to their 3FIC tub filler, Rubinet’s fixtures are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Our Brand Ambassadors can help you pick the perfect colour for your space and vision through a virtual or in-person consultation